Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Fun

Christmas Time is so much fun! Elcee is starting to understand Christmas and get excited about everything. Abee likes to point at all the trees we see everywhere and say "lights". We have gotten to do so many fun things . Here are some snapshots of our past few weeks.

I do not have a picture of this...all of the stores around have the bell ringers. Elcee wanted to know what they were for. After explaining that it was for people to give money for kids who do not get toys and food for Christmas. She asked me if she could give some money. I told her yes and gave her a few coins to hold until we got through at the grocery store. When we were getting to leave she was very excited to put the money in the "doorbell ringer". Well much to our disappointment, he was not there and Elcee responds, " oh well, he must have gotten enough money to have lunch!" Since she loves giving a few coins and we hope she always will have a giving spirit.

Elcee and Daddy with our tree they decorated!

Putting the star on top of the tree!

Preparing to put the star on top!

Getting the lights ready for the tree!

Elcee and Daddy worked for 3 days on their Gingerbread house. This is the nicest gingerbread house you have ever seen. It is decorated so well. Everything is so even and perfect. Justin did an incredible job with Elcee and they had so much fun! I believe this is a new Father Daughter tradition!

Picture of the finished product!
Gingerbread fun!

As a family we got to take our first airplane trip to Iowa for Christmas with Justin's family and a shower for his sister Christina who is getting married in March.

Aunt Christina was so kind and let Elcee open most of her presents.
Thanks for entertaining her Christina!

Elcee with her Aunt Christina!

Many of the people who came to celebrate with Christina! We are so excited for Christina and look forward to welcoming AJ to the family in March!

Grandma Ruth in the middle. Who Abee is named after!

Grandma Shirley and Grandma, Justin's Mom!
Elcee getting to play in the snow! It was so cold. Elcee did not care and would have stayed out there forever! How come kids to not get cold, like we do?

Elcee, Abee, and I came to Augusta for a few days of Christmas fun before the holidays. Mimi and Dew Dad took us all to see Christmas lights. These lights were incredible my pictures do not do justice. It was so much fun, they take you on a hay ride to go around and look at all of their lights.

Elcee with a gingerbread man!

Mimi, Dew Dad, and the girls in Cinderella's Carriage!

We had lots of fun in all of our Christmas activities so far. We have so much more to look forward too as we get ready to celebrate our Savior's birth!

Abee Ruth's Birthday ( A little late)

Abee Ruth's First Birthday

Abee turned 1 on November 12th. I am a little behind in life. But better late than never. Abee is the sweetest girl! She tries so hard to keep up with her big sister Elcee. The first steps she ever took by herself were on her birthday. Abee's favorite word is "Abee" She says it probably at least a thousand times a day, just going around saying her name.

In honor of Abee, we had an Abby Cadabby birthday. She is one of the characters on Sesame Street. With our birthday fun, we had lots of family come to share in this special day with us, and we had two special Abby's to share the day with us!

Elcee in her Abby Cadabby costume. Elcee Pearl loves to dress up and she loved wearing her costume everywhere!
Abee Ruth in her Abby Cadabby costume

Abee's Birthday cake

Elcee helping Abee blowing out her candle!

Let the fun begin. I have always wanted my children to attack the birthday cake. My type "A" personality child named, Elcee, does not like dirt and anything that makes a mess. So when it was her birthday, she barely touched her cake. Not so with this sweet girl! She loved her cake and it was so much fun!

Sharing her cake with me!

Washing her hands in cake!

Sharing with her sister!
As soon as Elcee got a little on her hands, she quit because she had to go wash those hands.
Enjoying the cake so more!

Grandma cutting the cake for everyone else

Dew Dad and Elcee enjoying some birthday fun!
Abee got a new pink chair from Grandma and Pop Pop. This is one of Abee's favorite places to be!

Mimi makes each of the kids a quilt with everyone's picture on it for their 1st birthday. That way Abee can learn who everyone is. This is Abee and Elcee looking at all the pictures!

Elcee got a umbrella for a little treat!

Elcee out riding her tricycle so that Abee can enjoy her in car!

Abee's new car!
She loves it and we spend a lot of time outside riding around!

Abee is a great joy. She is a little wild because she tries so hard to keep up with Elcee. Abee always greets you with a huge smile and is quick to give you a hug complete with love pats. We are so thankful for Abee. Thankful that the Lord has entrusted us with her and pray that she would follow Jesus all the days of her life.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat Fun

A little bit of Trick or Treat Fun with a Tiger and a yellow jacket

A tiger who likes to hang from trees

Daddy with his yellow jacket and Tiger

Elcee got into her costume and then decided that she needed to decorate her face!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Farm with Mimi and Dew Dad

Mimi and Dew Dad took Elcee and Abee to a Dairy Farm. Instead of a sand box... they had a corn box. Dangerous with a capital D for Abee. She only lasted a few minutes in there. She probably could have eaten the whole box of sand for all the things that she puts in her mouth.

Side Note: I had misplaced my pearl earrings and could not find them anywhere. I really thought they were gone...well Abee found them for me, as I had to fish the earring out of her mouth. Oh how she keeps us on our toes!!

Elcee got to go on several rides. She also got to go down on a barn slide. A big slide that comes out of the barn. Dew Dad went down with her on the slide....the slide was really fast and they came flying out. Mimi asked if she wanted to go again and she said no. It must have been really fast.
Elcee playing in her corn box.

Thanks Mimi and Dew Dad for taking us. We had so much fun.

Backyard and Tractors

We are trying hard to create a backyard. Justin has been working so hard. We have cut down lots of trees and Justin has created a huge eight foot wall to make level ground. We are thankful for our friends who have helped us build the has been quite a job. We are now to the stages of needing dirt and we need lots of it.

Once the dirt comes, Pop Pop moves it into the holes for us.

Elcee likes to watch Pop Pop with the tractor with her Daddy.
But her favorite part would be getting to ride on the tractor...